Firmware Update For X-Pro1 (3.40)


It’s Kaizen day today.  Fuji just launched new firmware updates for the X-E1/E2, X-Pro1 and X-T1 cameras.  Though, they have not been equally generous with all the cameras.

Since i own an X-Pro1, i will focus on that camera.

As opposed to the other cameras (except for the X-E1) which were given a bunch of little goodies in the new updates, the X-Pro1 only received one new function in it’s update.  Sorry folks, no Classic Chrome for the X-Pro1.

So, what does the X-Pro1 get?  Well, the new update enables you to manually adjust focus while in an AF mode.  This means that you can now auto focus on a subject, then turn the focus ring on your lens to manually fine-tune the focus.  Okay, okay, stop jumping up & down in excitement (insert sarcasm where you wish).

Is the AF system on the X-Pro1 so bad to the extent that someone would need to override it and adjust manually?  No, it is not.  The AF system on the X-Pro1 is extremely good and it always gives me sharp, clear photos with the area focused on, in focus.

Personally, i don’t see myself using this, unless i was going to do some very specific work where the DOF is so thin, that you just may have to fine tune the focus manually.

Aside from the AF-MF feature, firmware 3.40 for the X-Pro1 does not incorporate anything else significant.  It would have been nice for Fuji to at least include the Classic Chrome film simulation, but they are being Scrooges about it.

On the other hand, if history is any indication, Fuji’s firmware updates always seem to include some minor tweaks that aren’t always advertised.  So, it may be worthwhile to install firmware 3.40 just to see if there are any little tweaks hiding in there.

If you would like to download the firmware, you can go either here ( or here (

As always, read the instructions on how to install the firmware update.

Thanks for looking.

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