Fuji Film Simulations

If nothing else, Fuji is famous for manufacturing 35mm film.  I would imagine that most people know Fuji for this.  During the heyday of 35mm film, Fuji was well known among photographers and was one of the biggest manufacturers of film.

In the last 4 years, Fuji has been well on their way in taking a large piece of the pie in the mirrorless camera market.  Not only have they come out with unique cameras and some ground breaking technology, but they have also seen fit to keep the old film colors alive by incorporating film simulations into their cameras.

Honestly, i myself have no idea if these film simulations come close to what the actual film showed in regards to colors.  From what i have read though, most people seem to agree that the film simulations are very close to what was represented by the respective 35mm films.

I can’t see it being very easy for Fuji to “simulate” the colors that were represented by their various flavors of 35mm film; therefore, i will give them a pass if they are not exactly spot on.

Both my cameras have the film simulations built into them.  I am not sure about my X10, but my X-Pro1 has a total of 10 film simulations that you can choose from:

1) Velvia/Vivid

2) Provia/Standard

3) Astia/Soft

4) Pro Neg. Hi

5) Pro Neg. Standard

6) Monochrome

7) Monochrome/Yellow Filter

8) Monochrome/Green Filter

9)Monochrome/Red Filter

10) Sepia

When shooting in RAW, you can choose any one of these film simulations when converting the RAW file in-camera.

In order to give you a sample of each film simulation, i took a photo of some decorations on my Christmas tree.  I thought this was the best way to incorporate as many colors as i could.  I took the photo in RAW and then converted it into JPEG in-camera, while applying the film simulation at the same time.

And here they are:

Velvia/Vivid Film Simulation
Astia/Soft Film Simulation
Pro Neg. Hi Film Simulation
Provia/Standard Film Simulation
Monochrome/Red Filter Film Simulation
Pro Neg. Standard Film Simulation
Monochrome/Yellow Filter Film Simulation
Monochrome Film Simulation
Sepia Film Simulation
Monochrome/Green Filter Film Simulation

Personally, i shoot with Velvia/Vivid most of the time since i like a little bit of saturation in my colors.

I took the photo (again, i only took one photo and converted it in-camera to each film simulation) with my 60mm set at f/2.4.  The ISO was at 4000 and i had the shutter speed at 60s and hand held.

As i said before, i have no idea if these film simulations come close to representing the actual colors of their 35mm film counter parts, but i really do like the look & feel of all of them.

Thanks for looking.

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