Our First Snow Storm

Well, it’s official.  We have just had our very first snow storm of the 2014-2015 winter.

Everyone is freaking out, people have forgotten how to drive, folks want to go down south, no one is prepared and the media is making 27-30cm of snow headline news.

It’s Canada, it’s winter… deal with it.

Here are some quick shots of my street from last night:


My camera got a little wet, but no big deal.  I just wiped it down with some paper towel.

I took these photos with my 60mm at f/2.8 and the ISO was between 5000 & 6400.


These folks parked on the street had their work cut out for them next morning.  It can’t be fun digging out your car before going to work.


There is a parking spot somewhere under here…


Winter is here and has made it’s presence felt.  Might as well roll with it, because complaining does not seem to make it go away.

Thanks for looking.

4 thoughts on “Our First Snow Storm

  1. Now that we live in the burbs and the car sleeps in our garage, one thing I don’t miss about the city is the shoveling.
    I don’t kno wwhich was worse: shoveling to get out in the morning, or coming home at the end of the workday to find someone else has parked where you were and having to shovel out a whole new spot 🙂
    But you’re right, people make a big deal over a bit of snow. I don’t know why they act so surprised, winter happens every year.


    1. lol, yeah, pretty frustrating when you dig out a spot and someone slips in after you leave. Most of the people parked on my street have access to a driveway, so i don’t know why they don’t park there. I guess the media has to get content from somewhere and why not a snow storm, lol.

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