The Christmas Tree Is Up!

Actually, the Christmas tree has been up since mid November.  My wife is Filipina and in the Philippines, Christmas decorations tend to go up early.

Tonight, i was itching to take some photos of something, anything.  So, i decided to put the 60mm on the X-Pro1 and take some photos of the Christmas tree decorations.


Settings for the camera & lens: Aperture priority, 1/60 shutter speed, Auto ISO (the photos were taken between ISO 4000 & 5000), f/2.4 and 60mm.  White balance was set to Auto and the film simulation was set to Velvia/Vivid.


A mini Filipino Parol.  We have a much larger one hanging in front of our window.




Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.  They are on the tree every year now and are put up by my daughter.



After uploading these photos, i noticed that my SD card has broken even more.  The plastic casing is breaking off at one of the corners.  It was quite hard to insert into my laptop, but i was eventually able to slide it in.  I’m hoping that Santa will leave me some new SD cards under our beautiful tree this year.

I have some 4GB cards, but they are only Class 4 cards.  Though, i am not going to worry about that since i shoot mostly JPEG.

Thanks for looking


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