New Category: Tamiya Model Cars

During the winter months, i don’t go out that much to take photos, especially on cloudy days like today.  Therefore, i decided that i needed another way to practice my photography aside from going outside.  This is where the idea of a new category came to mind.

I have been building plastic model kits for 30 plus years now and in the last ten years, my favorite subject has become race cars.

Before my passion for building race cars came about, i was passionate about military aircraft and armor.  However, knowing what those machines can do, i decided i wanted to concentrate on a subject that was more peaceful and less destructive.  Furthermore, i was far more attracted to all the vibrant colors that were to be found on race cars.

For model cars, i always choose Tamiya.  In my opinion, they are the most detailed, accurate and best fitting kits around.  Every time i purchase a kit, i know what to expect.  Never have i been disappointed with a Tamiya kit.

After finally starting to build a kit that had been lying around for 3 years, i thought why not start a new category for my blog and document the build.  Not only will this allow me to use my camera, but i will also be able show off a hobby of mine.

Here are some of the builds that i have done over the years:



I build all my cars stock, meaning i only use the parts that are provided to me in the kit.  Though, i don’t always follow the paint scheme, especially for the body of the car.  The Toyota below should be plain red, but i instead used metallic red.




This Ferrari F40 is over 20 years old and was the first car i used an air brush on.



Another car where i deviated from the prescribed paint job.  I hand painted this one. No air brush or spray can.


I got this car for one of my birthdays.  Instead of white, i used pearl white.  There is a lot of detail under the body of most of these cars, but i don’t like handling them to much.  The risk of breaking something heightens and the acid from your fingers is not good for the paint or decals.



This Ferrari Enzo was the most difficult build out of all the cars i have built.  Just the number of parts was daunting itself.


All the photos here were taken with the X10 at f/4 and ISO 800.  I set the white balance manually.

In my next post, i will reveal what i have done so far in my build of my latest project.

Thanks for looking



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