Fujifilm LC-XPro1 Review

As promised, here is my review of the Fujifilm LC-XPro1, the leather case for the X-Pro1.

I have wanted the Fujifilm LC-XPro1 for quite some time now, but i was just not willing to pay the price that they were at over a year ago.

When i saw that the LC-XPro1 was on sale at my local camera store, i gave the idea of the LC-XPro1 as a b-day gift to my wife.  Well, God bless her, she came through.

I have had it for a while now (you thought i would tell you when my b-day was?), so i thought it was time to finally write the review.

Here is the box that the case came in.  It’s not as posh as the box that my X-Pro1 came in or as posh as the box that the XF lenses come in, but it serves it’s purpose. The case, neck strap and lens case sat in a plastic mold and that was it in regards to packaging.

DSCF5015_1084x1084 Here are all the pieces: far left, top of the case.  In the middle, lens hood/lens case.  Far right, bottom half of the case.  As opposed to my case for the X10, this one is real leather.

* One piece that is not in the photo, is the leather neck strap.  The leather is slightly more supple then the leather used for the neck strap that came with my X-Pro1.  One little bonus, is that it has “X-Pro1” stamped into it.


Here is the bottom half of the case.  I don’t know how Fuji did it, but it fits the X-Pro1 like a glove.  It’s ever so slightly difficult to take off, since the rubber grip prevents the case from just sliding off easily.

One little caveat with the bottom half of the case, is that it sits a little to close to the left button on the D-pad on the back of the camera.

DSCF5011_1649x1237Here is the top of the case.  It attaches to the bottom half by two pop buttons.  In terms of what lens can fit under the top part of the case, you would not be able to have anything bigger then the 35mm on your camera.  Anything bigger then the 35mm, the top half of the case will not be able to close.

Furthermore, you are not able to have the lens hood on the lens if you are wanting to close the case.

Here is the lens hood case.  This is where you put your lens hood when the camera is not in use and the camera case closed.

It can also be used to carry your spare battery, a spare SD card and the lens cap.  At the back of the case, there is a little belt “loop” so that you can attach the case to the neck strap.


All in all, it’s a very functional case that does it’s job, which is to protect the camera.  Aside from protecting the camera, the bottom half of the case also adds bulk to the camera grip, which is nice.

Since i can carry a spare battery and even a spare SD card in the lens hood case, i no longer need to carry my camera in my camera bag for a day out.

Thanks for looking.

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