Battle Of Plattsburgh Museum

On our trip down to Plattsburgh, NY, we visited the Battle of Plattsburgh Museum, which is situated on the old Plattsburgh Air Force Base.

It’s not a very big museum, but it effectively tells you the history of the Battle of Plattsburgh, which occurred on Septemeber 11th, 1814 and is known as the decisive  battle of the War of 1812.


There is no entrance fee to the museum; though, i do suggest you either make a small donation or buy a souvenir in the museum shop.  It’s a worthwhile venture to support.




The museum visit starts off with a short, 8 minute film about the Battle of Plattsburgh.  From there, you are free to explore the museum at your own leisure.


I took these photos with my X10 because i did not think the 35mm would be wide enough for the small confines of the museum.  Though, come to think of it, i think i would have done just fine with it.

The X10 does okay in low light, but noise really starts to stand out at ISO 800.

I have not really experimented with the noise reduction feature of the X10 yet, so i think that will be a little side project that i will have to do.



For such a small museum, they certainly have a decent collection.  Everything is well explained with informative plaques and there is always someone there to ask questions to.



The museum store is nice and has a good variety of books, mugs, stickers, DVDs, etc. to chose from.  Personally, i bought a nice mug, hat and a sticker.



If you enjoy history and are keen in learning about an important battle from the war of 1812, this is the place to go.

Thanks for looking.


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