Fuji Extension Tubes

For the last year or so, i have noticed that Fuji really listens to it’s customers, but perhaps not in the most traditional way.

There are two major Fuji forums on the internet as it stands now and these are the “places” that Fuji lovers congregate and discuss their passion for photography & Fuji.

If you take the time to browse through the forums, you will notice that there is a lot of talk about future firmware updates that Fuji lovers would like for Fuji to develop.  Creepy as it may sound, Fuji actually “listens” to all those suggestions.  The firmware updates that eventually come out, run parallel to the discussions the Fuji lovers had been having some months before.

Other then the discussions about future firmware updates, folks have also been discussing the need to have Fuji branded extension tubes that can electronically communicate between the camera and the lens.

Well, once again, Fuji listened and delivered.  They have come out with two types of extension tubes: the MCEX-11 and the MCEX-16.  Both of these extension tubes, according to Fujifilm, will be available from mid-December 2014.

Depending on the level of magnification you are looking for, you will have the choice of an 11mm tube or a 16mm tube.

Both tubes have electronic contacts; therefore, information will be able to pass between the lens and the camera.  Because of the electronic contacts, you will be able to auto focus and control the aperture of the lens.

These tubes are as precisely made with high quality metals as the Fuji XF lenses are.  As far as i know, there are specifically designed for the XF lenses; therefore, i don’t believe that they will work with the XC line of lenses.

In regards to the magnification that these tubes can offer on specific lenses, here is a PDF that will give you a run down on all the numbers:


As with any other Fuji accessory, i am going to assume that these extension tubes will cost you slight more then a 3rd party offering would.  Though, on the other hand, i will also assume that the fit of the tubes and the electronic connection will be slightly superior to any 3rd party product.

If you are into macro photography and have been waiting for Fuji to come out with a set of extension tubes, you will not have to wait much longer to put in your pre-order.

Thanks for looking.


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