Phone Apps For Fuji Cameras

Ever since i got my hands on an Android based phone, i have been exploring the app store for anything related to Fuji.

The first apps that you come across, are for remotely controlling your camera from your smart device.  However, the X-Pro1 and X10 do not have the luxury of being controlled remotely, unless you consider a wired connection “remote”.

Seeing that any app that would control a camera wirelessly was pointless to me, i kept on scrolling down the list to see if there was anything else of interest.

I then came across a neat little app called, “DoF X10 X20”.

DoF X10 X20 is a simple and light app that enables you to calculate your depth of field when using your X10/20.  You first start off by entering your focal length, then your f stop, then your distance to the subject.

Once you have entered all those numbers, the app will not only give you your depth of field, but will also calculate your hyperfocal distance.

What is hyperfocal distance?  Hyperfocal distance is a distance beyond which all objects can be brought into an acceptable focus, for a lens focused at infinity.

To give you an example of the calculations that the app makes, here are some numbers that i plugged in:

Focal length: 50mm (as marked on the lens)

F stop: f/8

Subject distance: 30ft

This will give you a hyperfocal distance of 8.30ft and a depth of field of 6.50 ft to infinity.

All in all, a handy little app to have on your phone.

Other photography related items that you should have on your phone: your camera manual(s).

Thanks for looking.


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