Middle Of The Road

I had an idea today to try a different approach to taking photos of streets.  The idea was, instead of standing on one side of the street and taking the photo, to stand in the middle of the street and take the shot.

When i talk about taking a photo of a street, i mean like this:


With the above photo, i am standing in the middle of the road to really show off those converging lines and that is what i like about this type of photo.

Obviously, i don’t advise anyone do to this type of photography on a busy street.  Please don’t put yourself or others at danger.  Find a quite side street, preferably a one way street, and plant yourself in the middle.  I think you will like the converging lines just like i do.

If you can’t make it to the middle of the street safely, you are left to taking the photo from the side of the road:



My initial idea was to go down to Old Montreal where there are all sorts of little side streets, but my daughter was not in the mood to go out.  Therefore, i did these photos in and around my neighborhood.


I experimented with a different greyscale film simulation with these photos.  Usually, i use the film simulation with the Red filter.  This time around, i used the B&W film simulation with the Green filter.

I like to have contrasty greyscale photos with dramatic skies; therefore, i am trying to see which filter gives the best results in those regards, red or green.


I shot all these photos in RAW on the X-Pro1, so i can also make color renditions of them or do whatever i like to them.  I am really liking shooting in RAW now.


As i said before, i really like the converging lines that appear in some of these photos.  I would also like to experiment with diverging lines as well.  In photography, you have to keep experimenting or you will never know.

Thanks for looking.


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