The Fuji X10 Goes Trick Or Treating!

It’s amazing how fast Summer went by and now we are in the month of November.   For me, Halloween is somewhat of the divider between Fall and Winter.  Many of the leaves have turned & fallen already and the air has a bit of bite to it in the morning.

As we have done each Halloween, we took our daughter out for trick or treating.  The nice thing about our neighborhood, is the fact that we don’t have to go far to come away with a good haul of sweets.


As i did last year, i used my X10 to take photos on Halloween night.  The reason for this: it has a flash.  I am looking at getting a flash for my X-Pro1 and have been looking hard at Fuji’s offerings.

However, Nissin have recently announced that they will be coming out with a Fuji version of their new i40.  Though, last i heard, it is somewhat delayed.


Despite me not being able to use my X-Pro1 to do these shots, the X10 did not disappoint once again.

The final results were somewhat brighter then i liked, so i brought down the overall brightness of the scene in NX2.


Despite the fact that i did not have a fully charged battery in the camera, the battery latest for all 40 shots that i took.  That is pretty decent considering i was using the back LCD to compose my shots and the flash was used on each photo.






At the start of the night, i put my lens hood on.  After a few shots, it came right off.  I took it off, because on the first couple of photos i took, i noticed a semi-circular shadow in the corner of each frame.



This black cat was hard to get focus on with the X10’s contrast detect auto-focus system.  Since the cat is all one “color”, black, the auto-focus system can’t lock on without any variation in the color.  Therefore, i focused on the car port behind the cat and recomposed.  It seems to have done the job.



It was a fun night as always and my daughter came away with 4 bags of goodies.  Once again, the X10 did not disappoint and came through to give some pretty nice photos from this years Halloween night.


As always, have nice day.


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