The Fujifilm X-Pro1 Leather, Two-Piece Case & Lens Case (LC-XPro1)

My two piece “leather” case for my Fuji X-10 gets quite a bit of use.  If i am not using the camera, it is in the case for protection.

If i am only going to shoot with the X10, i will bring it with me inside the case, along with spare batteries and an extra SD card (these fit into my pants pockets quite easily).  There is no need for a full sized camera bag.

The case has served me very well.  It also adds some bulk to the camera for a more comfortable grip; though, my wife does not like it and prefers to use a “naked” camera.

Since my little X10 has it’s own, comfy, posh little house, i thought, “why shouldn’t my X-Pro1 get the same treatment?”.  Why not indeed.

The Fujifilm X-Pro1 Leather, Two-Piece Case & Lens Case:

When i bought my camera, i saw the leather case, sitting up on a shelf in the store.  However, i did not look for to long after i noticed the price.

As with most Fuji accessories,  the case has a slightly hefty price tag for what it is.  As i had pointed out in my post about the leather half case for the X-E1(, i could have bought a pair of leather shoes, with far more leather, for a more reasonable price.

At the time, if i remember correctly, the case cost around $180 CAD.  Over a year later, the retail price is a more acceptable $74.95 at the same store at which i purchased my X-Pro1.

But wait…………..  there is now a discount in place!!

With the discount, the price is now $49.95.  My guess is, that they are just trying to move the stock since the X-Pro1 is probably not a big seller anymore.  Well, i will happily help them get rid of one of them….

….well, at least i hope my wife will.

The “big four-oh” is around the corner:

I have not been very keen on birthdays for quite some time now.  To me, it is just another day.  However, i more then welcome any gifts that come my way.  Strange, i know.

The “big four oh” for me is this year.  Personally, i don’t understand what the big deal is or even how to celebrate it.  Furthermore, i am not even sure what “special” gift to ask for.  According to mom, it should be something memorable and long lasting.

I have given my gift ideas to those who need them, but i am not sure they fit the above criteria.  Though, i know i will be happy with either of the ideas that i have given.

My gift idea list to my wife includes the leather case for the X-Pro1.  I will be happy with that, i’m not difficult.

The case:


The case is a two-piece case, just like the case i bought for my X10.  It has two snap buttons on the bottom of the lower half in order to attach the top half.

It comes with a strap, which will most likely end up being a spare for me.  It also comes with a lens “pouch” that i would use for my spare battery and spare SD card.

It will be nice to be able to just go out with my camera without a camera bag.  Simple & light, perfect.

Once i get the case (see how optimistic i am?), i will do a mini review as i did for the case for the X10, complete with photos.

Stay tuned and honey, if you are reading this post, this is what i would like for my birthday.  Love you

Thanks for looking.

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