Venturing Into Instagram

Instagram.  We all know it for it’s 1:1 photos of coffee cups, food, muted colors and an abundance of selfies.  It is a quick and easy way to get photos out to your “friends” from your mobile device.

I don’t remember when i learnt about Instagram, but when i first came across it, i dismissed it as a fad that only young hipsters would use.

Today, i have changed my view of Instagram.

Like any other social networking platform, Instagram is a way to get your “message” out to like minded people.

Instagram was launched by kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger back in October of 2010.  The word Instagram comes from combining “instant camera” and “telegram“; therefore, meaning a camera that takes an instant photo and the ability to send it out quickly to your audience to be viewed, hence the reason why the application was developed for mobile devices.

The need for the proper mobile device: In order to use Instagram, you need the proper device.  You will either need an Android based phone/device or an Apple iOS based phone/device.

From what i have read, you are also able to use third party apps for Nokia Symbian phones and there is a Beta version of Instagram for Windows phones.

In my opinion, i would stick with an Android or iOS device in order to have a better user experience.

Only now have i started to use an Android device.  It is an HTC Desire C and once belonged to my wife – she now has a Samsung Galaxy phone.  By next summer, i will be getting a Samsung Galaxy phone for myself.

What to look for in a phone for “Instagraming”: I’m certainly no Instagram guru, but i have a pretty good idea of what to look for when you need to take decent photos.

Here is my list of must haves:

– A good camera, obviously.  Most smartphones, like the iPhone,  have a decent camera built into them.  Not to put HTC down as a phone manufacturer, but the camera on the HTC Desire is really not that good.  It can not close focus and the dynamic range is less then desirable.

– A touch screen.  Well, this is perhaps a given since pretty much every phone these days is a “smartphone” and they all have touch screens.  Not even sure that Instagram would even function without one.  Anyhow…

– A large screen.  The screen size of the Galaxy 5 for example, is the perfect size for using Instagram.  Not only is it big, but it has great resolution as well.  Both aspects are important for when you want to edit your photo.

– A long battery life.  Since you will be using the camera and LCD screen a lot, you will want to have a phone that has a long battery life.  Either that or carry a spare battery.

From the short time that i have been on Instagram, i have noticed that some people are using fully fledged cameras to take photos for Instagram.  I don’t quite understand this.

I don’t see the purpose of using a camera like the X-Pro1 to take photos for Instagram.  Most people using Instagram will be viewing the photos on small mobile devices, so using a high-end camera for the photos is somewhat futile to me.  Anyhow, each to their own.

Enjoying it: So far, i am enjoying using Instagram.  It’s fun to be able to take a photo of something and instantly share it.

I am especially enjoying using the various filters to add a different “feeling” to the photos.

I don’t have many photos posted up yet, but i am on my way to getting the feel of the application and what kind of “feel” i want with my photos.

Here is the link to my Instagram page: (

Thanks for looking.


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