A fellow photographer here in Sherbrooke, Quebec who is a Fuji X user himself, was showing off some of his panoramas that he had made with his Fuji X10.

Aside from the beautiful fall colors that were popping in the photo, the fact that he put a black frame around the photo also caught my attention.

XPRO3653 Stitch copy_3114x1258

Therefore, off i went to do a Google search to learn how to put a digital frame around a photo in PS Elements.

I used a panorama that i made by stitching four photos together.  The photo is of the view you have behind the Cold Hollow Cider mill in Waterbury, Vermont.  The large solar panels somewhat take away from the view though.

I chose a simple black frame that is not to thick.  I do like the effect it gives, especially on a panorama.

There are a many choices when choosing a frame in PS, but i think a simple black frame is more then sufficient.  As they say, less is more.

Thanks for looking.


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