Drive By Shooting

Driving along the highway, you sometimes catch a scene with your eyes that you want to take a photograph of.

However, you can’t necessarily stop on the highway to do so.  The only other option is to get the photo from inside the car, while moving.


Two of the challenges faced while shooting from a car: 1) getting a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blur.  2) staying away from reflections in the window – i suppose you can shoot with the window open, just don’t drop your camera out the window.


These photos were taken while driving around Vermont the last two times we went down.


I used the X10 to take the photos because of it’s wide angle lens.  It’s nice to be able to get as much as possible in the frame and then crop the photo afterwards.  Trying to get the perfect composition while going along at 100 km/h is somewhat difficult.

Aside from a really fast shutter speed, having some sort of Image Stabilization is very advantageous; though, i am not sure how effective it is if you have extremely fast shutter speeds.



It’s a really nice drive from the border into Vermont at any time of the year.  I would imagine that the scenery is gorgeous after the first snow.


Thanks for looking.


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