Throwback Thursday

Well, i have not done one of these in a while.  Life and the desire to concentrate on other matters, gets in the way at times.

Fuji’s “X” mount is nothing new.  However, as we know it today, it is new.  Are you confused yet?  Let me explain.

Fujifilm developed a line of SLR cameras in the 1970’s, called Fujica.  The Fujica line-up of film SLR cameras included the following cameras:

– AX-1

– AX-3

– AX-5

– STX-1



Along with the new line of cameras, came a new mount format, the Fujica X mount.  This mount design replaced Fuji’s earlier screw mount design that was found on previous SLR’s.

Here is a close up view of the Fujica X mount on a 135mm Fujica lens:


The Fujica mount is a bayonet type, with a 65 degree clockwise lock and the flange focal distance of the Fujica X mount was 43.5mm.

In 1985, the Fujica SLR came to it’s demise as the advent of auto-focus took hold in the world of photography.  In the same moment, the Fujica X mount became obsolete.

In 2000, Fuji returned to the SLR market with digital SLR’s.  However, these “new” SLR’s released by Fuji, were really Nikon cameras with an F mount and a Fuji label on them.

In total, Fuji released twenty X-Fujinon lenses in this mount.   The line-up included everything from a fish-eye, to wide angle lenses, to zooms.  It was a pretty well rounded line-up.

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