The Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8

Probably the most basic of Fujinon lenses, the XF 27mm is a very attractive compact lens.

It has no OIS and no aperture ring.  It is pretty stripped down, even compared to the XC lenses.  Though, this is how Fuji managed to make the 27mm so compact.

It has no distance scale and no aperture markings, which may turn off some lens “purists” who like to have all those markings on their lenses.

As with the XC lenses, the aperture is controlled from the camera with the command dial at the back.  However, in regards to construction, you are getting the same solid construction as all other XF lenses.

There is a metal mount and the lens body is aluminium, just as all XF lenses are.

My interest:

Recently, i have taken interest in this lens.  Though, when it first came out in 2013, i totally ignored it because i really did not think it would make a big difference compared to what my 35mm can do.

However, as i had mentioned in a previous post, i have found my 35mm somewhat limiting in certain situations.  This limitation presents itself when i am in somewhat tighter spots.

As an example, when i was taking photos of the interior of St. Hilaire Parish, i found myself looking for more space around the edges of my frame.  This was because the church interior was not as deep as most other churches i have been inside.

My 35mm has a FOV of 44.2 degrees, which is actually quite nice.  Though, when you are inside, something wider would be preferred and i think that is where the 27mm would fit in very nicely.

The 27mm has a FOV of 55.5 degrees, that is 11.3 degrees more then the 35mm.  That is a big difference and will give you an extra 5.65 degrees of view on either side of your frame.

Why not the 18mm?:

Some people may ask, “why don’t you just get the 18mm or even the 23mm?”.  That is a good question.

I have been looking at the 18mm for a while now as well.  Though, i am debating on whether or not i would use it all that much.  For me, it’s a bit to wide for everyday photography.  It would certainly be very nice if you were doing some street photography , which is a genre where you need to get “wide” shots up close.

I used to have the 18-55 when i had my X-E1 and i enjoyed using 18mm for interior shots, but i would not really use that focal length for anything else.  Someday, i do hope to re-obtain that lens for a nice travel zoom lens.

How about the 23mm?  Well, yes, it is a very nice lens.  But, it is quite pricey.  I just could not justify the cost (23mm = $999.99  vs  27mm = $449.99).

The 18mm is still an attractive lens and would actually complete my Fuji trilogy (the three original Fuji XF lenses released with the X-Pro1, Fuji’s first ILS X camera), but i think i will wait until i can get my hands on the 18-55 again.

Nuts & bolts:

Lens configuration:  7 elements in 5 groups (1 aspherical element)

35mm equivalent: 41mm

Angle of view: 55.5 degrees

Max aperture: f/2.8

Min aperture: f/16

Number of blades: 7 rounded

Stop size: 1/3 EV, 16 stops

Focus range:  Normal, 0.6m – infinity.  Macro, 34cm – infinity.

Weight: 78 grams

Filter: 39mm

As far as i know and from what i have researched, this lens has everything under control and is very sharp.  Not surprising considering all other XF lenses perform just the same or even better.

Though i have been looking at the 18mm for some time now, i am now leaning more towards the 27mm lens to get just a bit wider then my 35mm.

Thanks for looking.

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