Sepia:  Sepia is a color, reddish-brown in tone.  It’s name is derived from the rich, brown pigment that is drawn from the ink sac of the Sepia, a common cuttlefish.  

In photography, Sepia is used to resemble the color photographs have after they have aged over time.  Sepia also resembles the color photographs have after being chemically treated for visual effect or for preservation purposes. 

I have not done many Sepia photographs.  I played around with it a few times when i had my Nikon camera, but i was not at all attracted to the visual effect.

Mont Sainte Hilaire Parish

As i am getting used to shooting in RAW with my X-Pro1 and using it’s in-camera RAW converter, i decided to give Sepia another chance.

The nice thing about RAW files, is that you can manipulate them as many times as you want.  If you don’t like the result, just start over again.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

With these photos, i converted them into Sepia JPEGs from RAW files.  I then brought them into NX2 to increase the contrast and sharpen them up a bit.

Personally, i like somewhat contrasty greyscale photographs and i think that that particular personal taste carries over well to Sepia.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

Unlike greyscale, in which you can employ with pretty much every photograph, i believe that Sepia has a more limited use.

For me, i would not use Sepia for modern day settings.  However, it does quite well with the interior of St. Hilaire Parish, which opened in 1837.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

The visual effect of Sepia has now kind of grown on me.  Since i don’t take many photos if i go out for the day, i will be shooting in RAW only from now one.  That way, i can play around with my photos a bit more.

Mont Saint Hilaire

Thanks for looking.


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