Dogs Going For A Swim

It was such a nice day last Sunday, the Dogs decided to go for a swim.

XPRO3697 copy_1911x1274

Well, at least the Lab decided to go for a swim.  The Bernese goes in as far as his knees.  Not very aquatic.

XPRO3695 copy_1942x1295

Standing on the shore line and looking out over the water, seems to be more his thing.

XPRO3699 copy_1609x1073

Photos taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the XF 35mm f/1.4.

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Driving along Shelburne Road just south of Burlington, we came across this.


Very odd indeed.  Though, a great way to recycle old fire hydrants.

Can you guess what municipal service was across the street from this “sculpture”?

That’s right, the municipal fire department.

Photo taken with the Fuji X10 out of the open window of our car.  ISO -400, 1/200, f/8.

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A fellow photographer here in Sherbrooke, Quebec who is a Fuji X user himself, was showing off some of his panoramas that he had made with his Fuji X10.

Aside from the beautiful fall colors that were popping in the photo, the fact that he put a black frame around the photo also caught my attention.

XPRO3653 Stitch copy_3114x1258

Therefore, off i went to do a Google search to learn how to put a digital frame around a photo in PS Elements.

I used a panorama that i made by stitching four photos together.  The photo is of the view you have behind the Cold Hollow Cider mill in Waterbury, Vermont.  The large solar panels somewhat take away from the view though.

I chose a simple black frame that is not to thick.  I do like the effect it gives, especially on a panorama.

There are a many choices when choosing a frame in PS, but i think a simple black frame is more then sufficient.  As they say, less is more.

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Vermont Fall Colors

While at the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Waterbury, Vermont, i noticed a nice view through the trees.


The colors were not as vibrant as they probably were a week or so before we made our visit, but it was still a nice view.

It does seem like the fall colors came and went quite fast this season, though we were granted some very warm weather.

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Drive By Shooting

Driving along the highway, you sometimes catch a scene with your eyes that you want to take a photograph of.

However, you can’t necessarily stop on the highway to do so.  The only other option is to get the photo from inside the car, while moving.


Two of the challenges faced while shooting from a car: 1) getting a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blur.  2) staying away from reflections in the window – i suppose you can shoot with the window open, just don’t drop your camera out the window.


These photos were taken while driving around Vermont the last two times we went down.


I used the X10 to take the photos because of it’s wide angle lens.  It’s nice to be able to get as much as possible in the frame and then crop the photo afterwards.  Trying to get the perfect composition while going along at 100 km/h is somewhat difficult.

Aside from a really fast shutter speed, having some sort of Image Stabilization is very advantageous; though, i am not sure how effective it is if you have extremely fast shutter speeds.



It’s a really nice drive from the border into Vermont at any time of the year.  I would imagine that the scenery is gorgeous after the first snow.


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Waiting At The Border

We made good time getting to the border, then we came face to face with this:


In the above photo, the border station is beyond the tree line in the distance.

In the below photo, you can just start to see the main building of the border station.


In this photo, you can see the entire main building of the border station.

All in all, it took about an hour to cross.


Photos taken with my X10 through the windshield of the car, which does not give the best optical results.

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Old Farm Vehicles

I came across some some old trucks while visiting the Cold Hollow Cider Mill.

One of the “trucks” was a bit of a Frankenstein project.  The front end was obviously part of an old truck, while the back end was made to be functionally a “tractor”.


This one is not going through an identity crisis.  I would imagine it was used at one point to haul the apples to the mill.


I took these photos with the X-Pro1 and the XF 35mm.  I shot them in RAW and converted them in camera.  I pulled the exposure a bit while developing the files in-camera.  Sharpening was also added.

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Vermont Flowers

Vermont is beautiful at this time of year.  Though, i feel if we had made it down there a bit earlier, the fall colors would have been slightly more vibrant.

Despite the colors not being at their peak, the flowers were still out in full bloom.


I took these photos with the XF 35mm at f/2.8.  I used the “macro” mode on my X-Pro1 to get slightly closer focus on the flowers.



I caught this bee hard at work.  I slightly cropped the photo to get a bit closer to the bee.  He was not bothered by my presence whatsoever.



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Sepia:  Sepia is a color, reddish-brown in tone.  It’s name is derived from the rich, brown pigment that is drawn from the ink sac of the Sepia, a common cuttlefish.  

In photography, Sepia is used to resemble the color photographs have after they have aged over time.  Sepia also resembles the color photographs have after being chemically treated for visual effect or for preservation purposes. 

I have not done many Sepia photographs.  I played around with it a few times when i had my Nikon camera, but i was not at all attracted to the visual effect.

Mont Sainte Hilaire Parish

As i am getting used to shooting in RAW with my X-Pro1 and using it’s in-camera RAW converter, i decided to give Sepia another chance.

The nice thing about RAW files, is that you can manipulate them as many times as you want.  If you don’t like the result, just start over again.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

With these photos, i converted them into Sepia JPEGs from RAW files.  I then brought them into NX2 to increase the contrast and sharpen them up a bit.

Personally, i like somewhat contrasty greyscale photographs and i think that that particular personal taste carries over well to Sepia.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

Unlike greyscale, in which you can employ with pretty much every photograph, i believe that Sepia has a more limited use.

For me, i would not use Sepia for modern day settings.  However, it does quite well with the interior of St. Hilaire Parish, which opened in 1837.

Mont Saint Hilaire Parish

The visual effect of Sepia has now kind of grown on me.  Since i don’t take many photos if i go out for the day, i will be shooting in RAW only from now one.  That way, i can play around with my photos a bit more.

Mont Saint Hilaire

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