St. Hilaire Parish, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC

We went to do a little apple picking today and along our way to the orchard, we stopped by St. Hilaire Parish, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

It’s a beautiful little town, with narrow streets that keep you hoping that no one comes in the opposite direction.

We arrived at the church just as the Sunday morning service was ending.


It’s a beautiful church inside.  As big as it seems to be inside, i had a tough time with the 35mm inside this church.

The church itself is not very “deep”; meaning, from front to back, it’s not very long.  I found myself almost underneath the balcony that holds the organ in order to take the above photo.

If i went any further back, i would have had the underside of the balcony in the photo.  The 27mm would have definitely come in handy today.




I shot all of these in RAW and converted them in-camera.  The staff working at the church were ever so patient with me, they actually waited for me to finish taking photos before closing the front doors.



You can tell that this is a very small town where everyone knows each other.  We had to use the washroom and were able to just walk into the back of the church from the outside in order to do so.  A number of people walked by us and you did not feel that they were questioning your presence there.  Everything was open and accessible, not something we experience here in the big city.



The trees around the church had not completely turned, but i can just imagine what it must look like in the middle of fall.  Adding to the beauty of this church, is the Richelieu River that runs in front of it.



It was a great Sunday drive, with great scenery, beautiful weather, my beautiful family and to top it all off, some delicious apples.

Thanks for looking.


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