Vespula Germanica (Wasp)

I found this wasp at the end of it’s life cycle.

When a wasp’s nest “matures”, it means the Queen has stopped laying eggs.  Without any grubs in the nest, the worker wasps end up without any food.  Therefore, they go off to find other sources of “sweet” liquids.


Aside from what nature can provide in certain trees and plants, hungry wasps will also go after the sweet, sugary foods and drinks that us humans consume.  This is why they become such a nuisance when you are having a picnic late in the summer.


This worker wasp has obviously not been able to find enough Coke cans to dive into.


If you look closely to the wasp’s legs, you will see little hooks on them.


With the cold weather as well as starvation, this wasp will most likely not make it through the evening.  Like most of the other workers and older queens, this wasp’s life cycle is over.

DSCF4752Thanks for looking.


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