Times Square, NYC

Times Square is a must see if you go to NYC.  When i went, i think every tourist in the world was there.  Many people did not seem to know where they were going or what they were going to do next.  Going inside one of the stores was even worse.


I am not one for big crowds of people and Times Square really put me to the test.  On top of that, i had my daughter with me; therefore, i had to pay attention that she did not let go of me.


I took these photos with my X10 because it was so much easier to handle with one hand then my X-Pro1 would have been.  With my daughter with me, i did not dare let go of her in order to take my time composing a perfect shot.

If memory serves me correctly, i either used the EXR mode for these shots or the super low light mode.  Either way, using an automatic mode for these shots gave me the ability to just “one hand it”.


As you can see, the lights were a bit overpowering and there is clipping.  There is no way of fixing this afterwards, since all the detail is lost in those “clipped” areas.

I think using the auto mode was my downfall, but i did not have much of a choice.  Controlling the light from those illuminated billboards needed manual input from me.


Overall, the photos are not that bad.  They are sharp, clean and full of color.  Besides, NYC is not going anywhere and i can always go back.

Thanks for looking


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