Crown Point, NY

Crown Point, NY, is where the Champlain Bridge on the New York side begins.  Aside from the bridge, there is a historical site to be discovered.

We did not stay for very long since we had a schedule to keep, but i was able to get some nice photos.


We did not plan on going to the Crown Point State Historical Site, we just happened upon it when we crossed the bridge.


The site features the remains of two forts:  Fort St Frederic built by the French between 1734-1759, and Fort Crown Point built by the British during the French and Indian war (started in 1759).


At the edge of the historical site, you will be able to have some fantastic views of Lake Champlain.



In the below photo, you will see the remains (the foundations) of the French fort.


The building in the below photo, is the museum for the historical site.


In the photo below, you will see the King’s Colours or Great Union Flag.  This is not the Union Jack as we know it today – St. Patrick’s cross is omitted from this flag, but not the Union flag that we know today.  The Great Union flag was adopted by England & Scotland from 1707-1801.



Across the street from the Historical Site, you will find the Lake Champlain Visitor’s Center.


Thanks for looking.


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