10 FPS With The Fuji X10

Whoever said you can’t shoot sports/action with a Fuji X camera, was wrong.

I joined up with a family friend in a nearby park to watch their two boys play a soccer match.

It was a pretty hot day today and the last thing that i needed, was a camera bag slung around my body.  I also did not feel like having my XP1 hanging around my neck.  So, my little X10 went into the cargo pockets of my shorts.


Here is a sequence of 8 photos shot with the X10 at 10fps.


When you shoot the X10 on Super High continuous shooting, the photo size is reduced to Medium.  This means you end up with 6mp photos.  Obviously, they are still very useable.

S0014598_1408x1056 S0014599_1408x1056 S0014600_1408x1056 S0014601_1408x1056 S0014602_1408x1056

As you can see with this sequence of photos, from the moment the player in the blue shirt “heads” the ball, to when the ball lands on the ground, the X10 was able to capture it all with it’s high frame rate.


If i wanted better IQ, i could have gone to High continuous shooting, which would have given me 7fps with photos at 12mp.

Thanks for looking.


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