Personal Photographer

Last week, we had a family friend stay with us for a while.  Aside from going to NYC with her, we also took her around Ottawa, Mont Tremblant and our own city, Montreal.

Despite her already visiting Montreal and Ottawa once before, it was still nice to go out and visit some areas she had not been to yet.

Since i am the only one with a decent camera, i became somewhat of a “personal photographer” for her.


I really did not mind since it gave me practice on how to compose some good portraits in front of popular backgrounds.

It also gave me practice in how to compensate when a person was heavily back-lit.



In addition, i was able to get some experience on placing people in the right spot to get the right composition and in getting the perfect background.

Unfortunately, i won’t be putting up any of her photos here.  Though, if i do say so myself, the came out very nice and i did receive compliments from her.



Even though i wasn’t really her “personal photographer“, i was still the guy she relied on in order to go home with some good photos of her trip.  Receiving some compliments was enough for me to not ask for payment, lol.



All the photos were taken with my Fuji X-10.  Some minor tweaks were performed in NX2.




Thanks for looking.


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