Top Of The Rock

The Top of The Rock is an amazing experience.  If you ever go to NYC, you need to visit the GE Building and go to the observation deck, aka: Top of the Rock.


Above is the facade of the GE Building, the centerpiece of the Rockefeller Center, situated in Midtown Manhattan.  When i took this photo, it was very back-lit.

The GE Building is an Art Deco style skyscraper and houses the headquarters of the NBC television network.  It’s 70 floors make it 850ft tall & the 13th tallest building in NYC (39th tallest in the USA).

The constrcution of the GE Building was completed in 1933.  Raymond Hood, a famous Art Deco architect, was responsible for designing the building.  It was first named the RCA Building after it’s main tenant, Radio Corporation of America.

Photography related factoid:  If you have ever seen Charles Clyde Ebbet’s famous photograph, “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper“, it was taken on the 69th floor of the GE building when it was being built.

General Electric re-acquired RCA in 1986.  Two years later, GE re-named the RCA building, the GE Building.


Here are a few views of the Empire State building.  Off in the distance, just to the right of the Empire State building, you will see the new World Trade Center building (tallest building in the distance).


In the photo above, you can just see the Statue of Liberty (island to the right of the World Trade Center).


The Hudson River.


Central Park and Upper Manhattan, with Midtown in the foreground.


Midtown and Lower Manhattan.



In the below photo, you can see the MetLife building off to the right.  When the building first opened in 1963, it was called the Pan AM building because it was Pan AM’s headquarters, even though they only occupied 15 floors of the building.  In 1981, MetLife purchased the building.

Just behind the MetLife building, you can see the Chrysler Building.



Below is the entrance to the observation deck atop the GE Building.



The below photo is showing the westward view from atop the GE Building.




All the photos were taken with the X10 at 28mm (35mm equiv.).  I used the X10 because of it’s wide angle lens.  I used an aperture of f/11 and my ISO was on Auto between 100 & 400.

Thanks for looking.


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