Ducks & Some Extras

On our walk around the old port yesterday, we went to the man-made pond that lies just next to the boardwalk.  Once there, i spotted a family of ducks.


Someone built them a little ramp so that they can get out of the water easily.


I don’t know where Dad was, but it seemed like Mom had all the little ones under control.




Someone taking a look at the MS Maasdam.


The ducks seemed to have commandeered this “dock”.  Obviously, it has been floating here for a while.  I am not sure if someone intentionally put them in the water for the ducks to nest or if they have just been forgotten.  Either way, the ducks sure seem to be happy.


A beautiful sand sculpture at the entrance of the old grain storage/elevator pier.



There were two of these towers at either end of the pier at one time.  What you see between the chairs, are windows.  Theses windows enable you view the grain storage area.

When the towers were in operation, there was a conveyor belt (underground) between the two elevators in order to “feed” the different types of grain to each elevator.


Thanks for looking.


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