MS Maasdam

We had to go and get a few things downtown today, so we decided to take a little stroll down to the old port as well.

Today, there was a cruise ship in port.  The cruise ship was the MS Maasdam.  The MS Maasdam is a Holland America ship and is named after the Maas river in the Netherlands.


The Maasdam was completed in January of 1993 at a cost of $180 million USD.  She can hold 1258 passengers and 580 crew.


During the winter season, the Maasdam is based in Ft. Lauderdale and serves the Caribbean.  During the summer, she sails from Boston, going to Europe, Atlantic Canada and New England.


There were many people on the boardwalk with their suitcases, waiting to get aboard the ship i presume.


As i was taking photos, i heard some people behind me exclaim, “Look, that’s a French ship!”.

Okay, quick lesson folks.  This is the French flag:


This is the Dutch flag:

download (1)

This is what was flying.

Yes, okay, they are somewhat similar with the same colors.  But, they are not the same.


For the first time, i had forgotten to charge my second battery.  That meant i went out with only one battery and it was not fresh.

In order to save battery power, i turned off the OIS for the lens – it really does drain the battery.  So, i used S mode in order to keep a good shutter speed (1/500) to minimize any camera shake.



It worked out fine.  I just had to remember to keep my eye on the exposure scale at the left side of my EVF.


All photos taken with the X-Pro1 and the XC 50-230mm.

Thanks for looking.


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