Church Of The Gesu, Montreal

On our way to the Just For Laughs festival, we walked by a church that i have always wanted to go inside.  Today, i took the opportunity to walk through the open doors which were inviting people inside.

The church is called “Church Of The Gesu” and is a Roman Catholic church.  It was loosely designed and built after the Church of the Gesu in Rome.

Interestingly enough, the church was supposed to have two bell towers on either side entrance.  However, funds to do so were re-directed to support the College Sainte Marie.


College Sainte Marie was just south of the school (there is a vacant lot behind the church and i assume that is where the school was), but was torn down in 1975.

The Gesu survived the wrecking ball and was restored in 1983.



Construction of the church began in 1864 and it’s doors opened to worshipers on July 10th, 1865.  It was designed by American-Irish Architect, Patrick Keeley.



With it’s vaulted ceilings, which are 75ft above ground level, the Church of the Gesu is the only fully baroque-style church in Montreal.




There are five arches that complete the vaulted ceilings of the church.  The ceiling is adorned with frescoes, which depict the life of Jesus, done by Daniel Muller, an American painter.




The basement of the Gesu is used as an auditorium and is considered one of the oldest cultural venues in Montreal.



As with the photos i took of the inside of St. Patricks, i used an aperture of f/4 (this enabled me to keep my shutter speed above 1/35) and my ISO was set on Auto, 6400 being my ceiling.  All photos were taken at an ISO of 6400.  A black & white film simulation with a red filter was also used.


Thanks for looking.


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