Laval Nature Park, Laval, Que.

I must admit, we have been on a bit of a “nature” high for the last couple of months.  I don’t think it has ended just yet.

During the same weekend that we went to Cite du Havre Park, we also visited the Laval Nature Park.  Once again, i have added the location within this post.

A heads up: 

If you are NOT a Laval resident, get ready to pay $7 for parking.  I think this is very reasonable for all day parking and for what you get to experience.

This is the scene to your left as you walk into the main entrance.  We started walking in this direction, where we found a nice little pond.


Saw this turtle sun bathing.  Though, with the 40 degree Celsius heat, i think he was about to jump into the water.


A dragonfly that stayed still for a few seconds while i took it’s photo.


A turtle doing the wise thing: cooling down!  The water may be dirty, but it sure was inviting.


A couple of photos of the pond.



In the next two photos, you will see some scenes from our walk from the pond to the farm & greenhouse.



Inside the greenhouse, there is a variety of birds, fish and of course, plants & flowers.




I started to get hungry at this point.




Over at the farm, i don’t think the animals were all that happy.  I think some of them were not sure what to do, stay inside or go outside.  This cow decided to stay inside, where there was relief from the blazing hot sun.



Fur ball!


This guy is really cute.


This horse was not happy.  I went over to him after i took his photo and you can see it in his eyes.  I think he just wanted someone to hose him down with cold water.


This pig did not seem to be bothered by the heat.  He was happily plodding along and looking for something to eat in the grass.



Here is Terminator.  I did not dare get closer then this.  He gave me this look, as if he were saying, “Boy, get any closer to me & my box and you will get one of my horns where the sun don’t shine”.


This is the lake that is just a few minutes walk from the farm & greenhouse.  There is a cafeteria located next to the lake, complete with washrooms and lockers.


This guy was our escort out of the park.  He waddled in front of us until we turned up the path and out of the park.


If you have the time on a nice, sunny weekend, drive up to the nature park, take a picnic and enjoy a nice afternoon away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

All photos taken with the X10.

Thanks for looking.

©, All Rights Reserved


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