The Fuji X10, F/2 & A Church Interior

I stopped by one of the churches downtown before going home the other day.  It is such a peaceful place to sit and relax.

At the time, there was a small wedding going on, but no one seemed to mind that the general public was flowing in and out.

I decided to take a wide angle shot of the interior with my X10.  The angle is a bit “off” so to speak, but i already have many photos of the inside of this church already.


My focal point is in the middle of the photo.  The aperture is f/2, shutter speed is 1/30, lens was at 28mm (35mm equiv) and the ISO was set at 320.

I opened up the aperture as opposed to increasing the ISO, because i feel that ISO 800 on the X10 is really the limit before you start to see some bad noise.

I wanted to keep the photo as “clean” as possible, so i dialed in f/2 on the lens and played around with the ISO so that i could get a minimum of 1/30 for a shutter speed.

At f/2, i really was not expecting such a result.  I thought i would get the center of the photo nice and in focus, but not the surrounding edges.  Though, upon closer inspection of the photo, i noticed that everything is in focus and there is only some slight softness around the edges.  I am surprised, as well as pleased.

Aside from some distortion, which is a given & forgivable, i am very happy with the performance of the lens on the X10.

Thanks for looking.


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