Just For Laughs. Good Medicine For The Soul

Victor is back in town!!  That’s right, the Just For Laughs festival has taken over Montreal once again.

After the Jazz Festival wraps up, Victor comes rolling into town with his big, green Cadillac to bring some humor to us.


Stepping out of his green Cadillac, he stakes his claim in & around Place des Arts.


One of many of Victor’s laugh rockets seems to have “landed” on top of Place des Arts.


Tentacles from…  well, i am not sure.


This gives new meaning to, “Big brother is watching”.


Preparing one of the stages for a show later in the evening.


Care to sit down?


Which way??


A view down towards the main venue.


Setting up the stage for some music later tonight.  There was also a sound check going on.



A street scene from the festival area.


We may have gone a little to early in the day, for there was not much going on at the time.

All the photos above (except for the Cadillac, which was taken last year with a Nikon) were taken with my X10.  I set it up at an aperture of f/8 and put it on Auto ISO 400.

Thanks for looking.


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