Cite Du Havre Park, Montreal

A few weekends ago, we ventured to Cite du Havre Parc.  I have always wanted to go here because the park is literally in the middle of the St. Lawrence river – i have added the location of the park in this post.

At the very end of the park, there is also a lookout that gives you a great view of the river and the Jacques Cartier bridge.


I took the photo below because it incorporates four “symbols” of Montreal and at the same time, have a lot of history behind them.

In the photo, you will see the Big “O” (1976 Olympics, the Expos), the Jacques Cartier Bridge (named after Jacques Cartier himself), the Molson Brewery (founded in 1786 and is a name you can’t get away from in the city) and then you have the Montreal Clock Tower (dedicated to all the sailors who lost their lives in WWI and was completed in 1922).


Getting to the park is not that hard.  But if you are not paying attention, you will drive right past the entrance, like we did.

There is free parking, but many people seem to park along the little stretch of road that leads to the park; therefore, watch out for car doors that are left open when leaving the park.  We nearly took the driver’s side door of a Volvo off.  I was given a dirty look when i honked at the owner of the car and told them to close their door.  I suppose they would prefer a three door car…

Once in the park, we were able to get a nice spot under the shade and looking out over the river.  Since it was a long weekend, there was plenty of watercraft out on the river.







Despite all the human activity on the river, this mother duck and her ducklings were not shy to come out for a little swim.



Every half hour or so, this red boat came roaring out of the port and did his run up and down the river with paying clients.





Looks like fun.

If you have never been to Cite du Havre park, i recommend going.  It was not very busy when we went.  Most of the people who were there, were fishing.  On top of it’s tranquility, you will get a really nice view of the river.

I took all the above photos with the X-Pro1 and the 50-230mm.

Thanks for looking.



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