Pro Neg Hi vs Velvia/Vivid

I was all jazzed about using Pro Neg Hi as my film simulation setting on my XP1.  I had seen some samples online and i immediately liked the “feeling” that the Pro Neg Hi film simulation gave to the photos.  Though, looking back, Pro Neg Hi is not a film simulation that is suitable for all instances of photography.

I shot Pro Neg Hi when i photographed the aviation museum in Ottawa.  In that instance, i feel it worked somewhat well.  Many of the aircraft have muted colors anyhow and even with the aircraft that have brighter colors, Pro Neg Hi still somewhat brought out the “vividness” of those colors.

Here are two photos that will show you the difference between Pro Neg Hi & Velvia/Vivid (both photos were sharpened slightly.  No other post processing was done):

The first photo was taken using the Pro Neg Hi film simulation.  As you can see, the colors are rather muted and don’t really have that much “pop“.


This second photo was taken with the Velvia/Vivid film simulation.  If you compare it with the above photo, the colors are far more saturated and there is some “pop” to them.


Looking back, i do prefer the Velvia/Vivid film simulation for the above scene, which is from the Nature Museum.  Come to think of it, i should have shot the Nature museum in Velvia/Vivid, but i didn’t.

In the end, it comes down to a mix of what your personal taste is and what the scene is deserved in regards to colors.  It’s about how you want to portray a scene, by still giving respect for the colors in the scene and giving thought to their importance and what they lend to what you are photographing.

I think the reason i have somewhat gone off Pro Neg Hi, is the fact that i like my colors to pop a bit more.  I am not saying i would give it up completely, for there are instances where Pro Neg Hi will do justice to a scene.  Though, for now, i will stick with Velvia/Vivid or even Provia/Standard.

If you have not done so already, i would suggest you try each film simulation by shooting a colorful scene and see which one you prefer for everday shooting.  You will also be able to see which film simulation would be preferable for certain types of scenes.

Thanks for looking.

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3 thoughts on “Pro Neg Hi vs Velvia/Vivid

  1. I was intrigued by Pro Neg Hi, and shot in that simulation a bit before abandoning it. I recently took a more scientific approach and matched shot-for-shot between a number of simulations, and again, I found that other simulations just worked better for me.

    Pro Neg Std gives me better portraits or slice-of-life shots when I want a flatter, more “true” color profile, Provia is a little less harsh in the shadows and doesn’t yellow out my greens like Pro Neg Hi does at Shadows -1, but it can still deepen blacks with a Shadows +1 setting while maintaining the – IMO – better colors. Astia offers richer overall colors (my goodness, those blues) and what appears to be smoother gradation from mids to highs when I want something with that warmer look, despite it’s very yellow greens. Velvia…well, that’s it’s own special thing to me and some scenes just scream “Velvia” the second I look at them.


  2. When I bought the camera, I liked and shot only in Astia. Later, I tried Pro Neg Hi and liked the feel. May be I should try Velvia, although it might be too vivid for my type of photography.
    Ah, there is so much to experiment.


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