Paradise In The Middle Of The St. Lawrence River

If you appreciate nature and tranquility, you will most certainly appreciate Ile Sainte Helene.  However, if you want the “tranquility” part of the equation, i would go and visit before the summer festivals start.

You don’t necessarily have to walk all that far to get a piece of solitude.  However, i would not expect total privacy, especially at the height of summer.

Many people stop and sit for a while at the side of this path.  The path runs along the shore line of the river.  There is plenty of shade and is a good way to spend a lazy afternoon.


This is swan lake.  Though, i did not see any swans on it.  This lake is at the very western end of the island.


Here are some small waterfalls, which can be found not far from the main event area of the island.  It was a shame to see the amount of garbage people had left though.



Sorry, i did not blur the waterfalls.  I really don’t understand that effect and why people do it, but that is just me.  I would rather see a natural waterfall.


There is a picnic bench in one of the little collection pools at the base of these falls; that way, you can have lunch on a hot day, while having your legs submerged in the cool water.  Reminds me of Villa Escudero in the Philippines.


I hope to go back to Ile Sainte Helene more often this summer.  There are so many things to do and many more photo opportunities to be had.

Thanks for looking.

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