Grand Prix Festival In Little Italy

After going to Crescent street to check out the cars on Grand Prix weekend, we made our way up to Little Italy.

Little Italy, the Grand Prix, Ferraris… it doesn’t get any better!  We only discovered this car show a few years ago when we were looking for things to do during the summer.

It was extremely hot walking around, looking at all the cars.  At the end, i must admit, i gave up taking photos and concentrated more on drinking water.

I would have to sit in the back seat of this Fiat if i were going to drive it.


As i have stated in the past, i am not really a car buff, so i don’t know all that much about any of the cars in these photos.  Though, i do like cars and i like photography, so it was a good mix for the day.

XPRO2471 XPRO2472 XPRO2475

I could not believe how clean the engines were.  I suppose they are so clean partially because they are not used that much.

When i took the same kind of photos last year with my Nikon, i was not getting the same kind of dynamic range as i was with my Fuji.  I had to lift a lot of shadow from the photos taken with my Nikon.  Not so with my XP1.

XPRO2476 XPRO2477

I am not sure if this motorcycle was part of the show, but it’s pretty nice.

XPRO2478 XPRO2479 XPRO2480 XPRO2482 XPRO2483 XPRO2484

A 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – i only know the year because the owner had a license plate at the front with “1970” on it.

XPRO2485 XPRO2486 XPRO2490 XPRO2491

Back end of the Barracuda.

XPRO2492 XPRO2494 XPRO2495 XPRO2499 XPRO2501 XPRO2502 XPRO2505 XPRO2506 XPRO2507

You can see my big knee in this photo.  It was hard to avoid reflections with so much sun.  It was also a tad difficult to get full shots of the cars with the 35mm.  I had to stand so far back, it was guaranteed someone would walk through the frame.  Therefore, i concentrated on more up close shots.  My wife worked with the X10.

XPRO2508 XPRO2512 XPRO2513

They started this hot rod up and i honestly don’t know how i still have my hearing.  The noise level definitely broke a few municipal bylaws.

XPRO2514 XPRO2517 XPRO2518

Of course, you can’t have a car show in Little Italy without some Ferrari’s.

Where’s Magnum?



I really like these Renault Alpines.

XPRO2523 XPRO2524 XPRO2525

It was a fun day and we were able to see some cars that we have never seen before.  The nice thing about this car show, is that it is not as loud (except for the hot rod) as the car show/festival on Crescent street.

Happy shooting!


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