Crescent Street Festivities

Grand Prix weekend is always fun.  There are so many things going on, you won’t get bored.  The hot spot for the weekend, is Crescent Street.

Every year during Grand Prix weekend, the two blocks of Crescent between Sherbrooke and St. Catherine, are blocked off to host the Grand Prix festivities.

You have cars, live music, the tire change challenge, cars, race car simulators, drink stalls, cars, Formula One merchandise for sale, did i mention cars?


The live music had not started yet.  As you can see, the sky only had a few clouds in it.  By this time, the sun was right over head and it made it somewhat unbearable to be outside for to long.





Here is the seen from the northern end of Crescent Street.





The above car had Jacques Villeneuve’s name on it, but i don’t know if he is racing this weekend.  The security guard tended to freak out if you got a little to close, but i was bigger then him.

All photos taken with the X10.

Happy shooting!


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