Listening To ATC

Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but i find listening to ATC very interesting.

Not only can you determine which runway a particular flight is going to land on, but you hear some interesting things as well.  For example, on Monday night, a Royal Air Maroc flight got his altitude change wrong.  Ooops.

He was told to go to 6000ft.  He repeated the command (normal procedure), but stated 5000ft.  He was quickly corrected.

On the same night, pilots in the Ottawa and Mirabel area, were being told of the training exercises being performed by Air Canada’s new Boeing 787.

I was able to get the below photos of this Pilatus PC-12 because i knew he was going to land on runway 28.  The approach for 28 goes right over my house.

Pilatus PC-12

This Pilatus belongs to Starlink Aviation, based in Montreal.

Pilatus PC-12

I also caught this American Airlines 737-800 turning south to go into the USA.

American Airlines 737-800

American Airlines 737-800

Thanks for looking.

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