Nature In The Middle Of The City

Olmsted was a genius.  Instead of having people leave the city to go see nature, his idea was to put beautiful parks in the middle of the city and bring nature closer to all of us (Mount Royal & Central Park, NY).

When you are on top of Mount Royal, you really do feel like you are miles away from the city.  All the wildlife and different types of flowers & trees only help that illusion.




These ducks were in a marsh area just above and at the back of the chalet.  I would imagine they will move on down to Beaver Lake once the water here dries up.


They have pretty good camouflage.



A White Trillium.  Funny enough, this is the provincial flower of Ontario.


Squirrel having it’s lunch.  It was amazing to see the thousands of cracked acorn shells all over the ground.


I am sure that if I spent the day here, i could come away with hundreds of photos of different plants, birds and other wildlife.

Happy shooting!


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