Montreal As Seen From Mount Royal

I have not been to the top of Mount Royal for quite some time now.  Of all days to go, i had to pick today, a holiday.  Oh brother.

However, my timing was not all that bad.  Since we arrived just before lunch, we were able to find parking all the way up at the last parking lot.

Our car is at the far back, right.


Everyone had taken the spots in the first two parking lots because they are near to Beaver Lake.  When we left, there was not one parking spot to be had in any of the parking lots, until we left.

We headed up to the look-out first.  If you ever come to Montreal, you have to head up to the look-out on Mount Royal.  There is no other spot where you can get such a perspective of the city.  This is what you get to see:



It was nice to be able to see the mountains out there on the horizon.  Tells me that it was a fairly clear day.



One of the other attractions on Mount Royal, is the big steel cross.  It lights up at night and is a “beacon” in the night when flying into Montreal.

XPRO2272                       XPRO2277

Very nice dynamic range from the x-trans sensor with this photo below.


The cross is not the only steel structure on the mountain.  There are also various antennas.


If it were not for these antennas, i would not be watching the Habs game right now.


If you walk the whole road at the top of the mountain, you can find some breaks in the trees and get views like this:

Universite de Montreal


Oratoire St. Joseph


I would say that this is the Norh-East part of Montreal


In my next post, i will show you some of the nature and wild life that you can see.

Happy shooting!


2 thoughts on “Montreal As Seen From Mount Royal

    1. Yes, indeed it is. It’s also a good place to do some camera spotting. It always interests me to see what people use as a camera and what they take pictures of.


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