Aircraft In Grey-scale

It’s a real pain to get to my spotting area when i drive.  55th Avenue has turned into a one way street going south – can’t go north beyond Cote de Liesse.  I finally got there by taking a few detours.

There are not a lot of rotations on Sunday, so i did not catch anything to special.

Coming back home, i thought in order to change things up a bit, i would turn my photos into grey-scale.  Doing so, i really found that the photos with a lot of sky in the background, did very well when turned into grey-scale.


I do like the effect, especially with a cloudy sky as a backdrop, which makes for a dramatic scene.



A while back, i took a bunch of grey-scale photos of ground operations at Dorval with my X10.

I am wanting to print them out in 5 x 7 to put them in a multi “window” frame (a frame with many smaller frames in it??) or some 8 x 10 prints.



I did not stay for very long today.  It was quite windy once again and again, the wind was catching my lens hood.



It’s really nice to see that family’s come to the spotting park, just to take a few minutes to watch some planes take off & land.  No matter what, any kid will be mesmerized by a commercial jet taking off only hundreds of feet away from them.



I do somewhat prefer the color versions of these photos.  Though, every once in a while, you have to try something a different.


Thanks for looking.

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