Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal

The Quartier des Spectacles is where it all happens during the summer months in Montreal.  At the heart of the Quartier, is Place des Arts.  This “zone” is being developed as Montreal’s entertainment center.

If you ever aspire to come and see the Jazz Festival, this is where it is held.  Today, we decided to go down to the Quartier to see what was going on.

If there were ever a barometer to tell if “summer” has hit Montreal, this would be the place.  Of course it really isn’t summer, but you are still able to tell that the tourist season has begun by the fact the Quartier has come alive with entertainment.

Crowds filing into the area to see some of the outside shows.


People have already taken their seats to watch a show.


Some lights that hang over the street.


A fellow shutter bug.


These two showed up on their bike.  What a pair!


Doing some squats.  (Loving the red shorts).  Feel the burn baby!



Caught this show.  It had an “Arabian” flavor to it.  It was quite entertaining.


I saw a guy with a silver X20 around his neck.  So that made two of us with Fuji cameras.


All photos taken with the 60mm.  In situations like this, an 18-55 would have been great.  Sometimes, i needed to step back, but couldn’t.

Using the 60 worked out fine, but i think the 35 would have been a better option.




Taiko Drummers.  I got the feeling that they were waiting for the other show to finish and were not happy that it was going on as long as it was.


Got up behind the audience that was sitting on the hill.


After catching some entertainment here, we headed down to Chinatown to get a bite to eat and then took a walk in the Old Port to burn off the calories.

More photos to come in my next post.

Happy shooting!

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