2000 +

Last Saturday as i was sorting through the photos i took of aircraft, i noticed that my camera had made two different folders on my SD card.


The first folder was from some previous shooting and i had not formatted the card.  The second folder was created because i had surpassed 2000 “actuation’s” on my camera.

Not sure why 2000 is a special number, but the camera decided to create a new folder for the photos that started at 2000.  Anything below that, went to the old folder.

In reality, i have no idea how many actuation’s i have on my X-P1.  The number 2000 is a very rough number, since there is no real “actuation counter” on the X-P1 as there was on my Nikon’s.

Therefore, despite the fact that the last photo i took had a number of 2051, actual actuation’s are most likely a lot higher.

Since i have had my XP1 for nearly 9 months, 2051 “actuation’s” is not all that many.  It means i have taken about 7.59 photos a day for the last 9 months.  I got some catching up to do!

I am pleased to say that in those 2051+ actuation’s, i have had no problems/issues with my camera.  Of course, that should be expected with a flag ship camera.

In regards to my X10, i have many more “actuation’s” on that camera since it was bought used.

Happy shooting!


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