I Took The X-Pro1 Plane Spotting Today

The weather outside is gorgeous!  As i am writing this, it is 24 degrees Celsius outside.  Just awesome.  Spring really is here and it’s about time.

With such beautiful weather, what better thing to do then go out and do some photography.  Therefore, i made my way up to the airport with my X-Pro1 and did some plane spotting.

Because i have only had the 50-230mm for about a month now, i have not gone plane spotting with my XP1 before.

XPRO2022 Stitch

It was extremely windy at the spotting park; so much so, that the wind was catching my lends hood and making it difficult to keep my camera steady (my hat got taken away by the wind).  While looking through the EVF, the whole frame would be sent to the right as the wind caught the lens hood.

Despite all the wind, there were plenty of birds around.  As a matter of fact, there was far to many.


Perhaps because the vast, open, flat area of the airport, there were flocks of geese flying right over the runway (24L).  Not to be left out, the seagulls were doing the same.

Obviously, having birds flying over the runway is a safety hazard and the airport does not take this lightly.  As i stood there, i heard what sounded very much like a shotgun going off.  I was not able to pinpoint the source of the first blast, but I was able to spot the source of the second one.

It was not a shotgun going off, which was a relief.  It was actually airport safety personnel (there is a special team of people who control the birds at the airport by various means) shooting up pyrotechnics that “air-burst” (they explode and make a bang.  No fancy colors), to disperse the birds.

In all the years of going to the airport, i had never heard this being done; therefore, it was quite a surprise when i heard the air-bursts.

They also used another device that made a high pitched sound.  That pretty much took care of the birds, who thought they could use the airport as freely as the big metal birds.




Using an X-Pro1 for plane spotting, means you have to be somewhat  more deliberate.  You can’t “spray’n pray” like you can with a DSLR.  This certainly cuts down on the “doubles” that you bring back home, which is a nice thing.




The XC 50-230mm was very nice to use.  Focus was dead-on with all my shots.  Out of all of the photos i took, there was not one that was out of focus.  The zoom is very smooth on the lens, with it’s nice rubber grip.  Very easy to rack back & forth.




The photo below is at 230mm, no crop.  This A310 (all 153 feet of it) from Air Transat, just fits into the frame.  Nice!







If you look real close, you will see that a seagull is just off the left wing of the aircraft below.





Jazz colors??  I’m surprised the livery is still out there.





Here is Air France’s 747 landing on 24R.  As i stated in a previous post, the sight of a 747 at CYUL will become very rare indeed once Air France stops using them in 2016.




All in all, it was a great day.  A bit windy, but i managed to keep my camera steady and the OIS, along with fast shutter speed, helped out.

Thanks for looking.

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2 thoughts on “I Took The X-Pro1 Plane Spotting Today

  1. Peter Morris

    Nice photos indeed. I just myself received the. 50-230 lens as a free offer by purchasing the xe1 with the 18-55 kit lens in the uk. Been deliberating as whether to keep it but after seeing your photos I think I will. From some specimen shots I have taken with it, it seems fine but I would imagine you would need good outside light for this, which you seemed to have had for these photos. All the best Peter in Cardiff Wales.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. You should keep it, it is a very nice lens. I bought it for that little extra reach. You are right, you do need good light. However, you can still pull of shots in low light. I did some in low light yesterday evening and took some photos of Robins on my lawn. The results were just fine.


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