A Splash Of Color

During my Friday morning walk, i also took some photos in color.

After i posted my greyscale photos, i started to think that i would never trade my X10 for anything.  There is no camera out there that i would want instead of my X10.  For me, the complete, overall package of the X10, cannot be beat.  There is nothing else like it.


I love these little scooters.  I especially like the colors the come in.  An ideal summer-mode of transportation around the city.


For the above photos, i shot with the Velvia film simulation.  It makes colors pop.

For the photos below, except for the seagulls and the duck, i shot with the Provia film simulation.  This gives you colors that are slightly muted, but it is good for general photography.


Looks like the AML cruiser received a new paint job.


The entrance to the new Cirque du Soleil show, “Kurios”.



The duck below had just landed before i took it’s photo.  The 50-230 would have come in real handy for these shots.



Sleeping seagulls or sunbathing seagulls??  Either way, they were having a relaxing morning.


Happy shooting!


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