Some Really Crazy Guys!

Despite the weird weather that we have been having for the last couple of weeks, the summer festivities seem to be in full swing.

With really hot weather for Victoria Day weekend, we went to much cooler, wetter and windier weather for the last week and it did not agree with us.

With the up & down weather and what they (the weather people) were calling “the pollen vortex” – sounds apocalyptic, doesn’t it? – i have been sick for the last week.  Never fear though, it is nothing that modern day drugs couldn’t fix.

Anyhow, feeling much better today, we made it down to Place des Arts to catch some of the entertainment going on.  As i waited for my two ladies, i sat down and watched these two….  well, i’m not sure what to call them.  Though, they made me laugh real good.


Mr. Golden’s girlfriend.  The sun was right on top of these guys.  I can’t imagine that they got away without any heat stroke, which may have added to their “madness” .



An intergalactic spacecraft, with some questionable cargo.


The cargo is slowly being revealed and it’s…..


….something really fury!


It attacks Mr. Golden.


Mr. Golden fights back!


Uhhh, don’t know what this was about.  Maybe Mr. Golden was being enlightened?



Water break.  The core temperature of these guys must have been red lining.



Ohhhhhh, a screwdriver through the hand.  That’s gotta hurt!


Exacting revenge on Mr. Golden.



He is at his wits end.  How does he beat Mr. Golden??




Muhahahahaha, nothing a hack saw and a power drill can’t solve.


And off to bring a whole world of hurt down onto Mr. Golden!


After all his efforts, Mr. Golden is not defeated.




Happy shooting!

The Fujifilm TX-1: The Lenses

After doing my initial post about the TX-1, i was interested to learn a bit more about the lenses themselves.

As i pointed out in my first post, 3 lenses were released with the camera: a 30mm, 45mm & a 90mm.  None of them are particularly fast, with the maximum aperture being f/4.

I found information on these lenses from the pages of

If you would like to learn more about the 30mm:


The 45mm:


The 90mm:


Again, keep in mind when viewing these brochures, that the lenses were designed & made by Fujifilm.

If you would like to see what these lenses in tandem with the TX-1 can do, all you have to do is some quick Google searches.  Trust me, you will be wowed!

Thanks for looking.

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Going Back To The ’80s

I’m not even sure i was in my teen years when we first went to Mirabel for the airshow.  I also can’t remember if i was using a disposable or a compact 35mm.

The year escapes me at this time, but i am sure it was in the mid ’80s that i took these photos.

A B-52


An A-10 (C-141 in the background)


All the aircraft below are no longer in US military service.

North American T-2 Buckeye (US Navy Training Jet)


Douglas TA-4F Skyhawk


Grumman A-6 Intruder


McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom


Thanks for looking.

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Vipers & Tomcats

There used to be some awesome airshows in Montreal some 20 years ago.  The biggest one was held in Mirabel and then it was scaled back some and moved to St. Hubert.

Being out on the tarmac at Mirabel, gives you a clear perspective at how huge the airport is.  It is immense and it is a shame that it has come to it’s demise.

Of course, 20 plus years ago, there was no digital camera that was affordable for a teenage kid as there is now.  All i had back then, was a P&S film camera (in earlier air shows, i used a disposable).

I have no idea what film i used, what speed, etc.  It was just to long ago.  I do vaguely remember which pictures came from what air show, but i am not sure of the years.

For the below photos, i simply scanned them and then cropped them to 4 x 6.  Perhaps not the best way to do it, but it works.

Scan0006 (3)

Scan0008 (3)

I may have lost resolution.  I am going to have to look into doing this better.

Scan0009 (3)

Scan0010 (3)

Going through the process of scanning these film prints, has made me think about film again.  I think i may have to look at some Oly’s, Canon’s and Fujica’s again.

Scan0011 (3)

Scan0012 (3)

Scan0013 (3)

My composition was really off.  I had to straighten out a lot of the photos as well.


“I feel the need…. the need for speed!”  I remember every line from that movie.   Seeing these Tomcats, you tended to look for Maverick & Goose.



Out of all the aircraft at the air shows, the F-14  Tomcat was THE aircraft that i always wanted to see.



Thanks for looking.

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Listening To ATC

Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but i find listening to ATC very interesting.

Not only can you determine which runway a particular flight is going to land on, but you hear some interesting things as well.  For example, on Monday night, a Royal Air Maroc flight got his altitude change wrong.  Ooops.

He was told to go to 6000ft.  He repeated the command (normal procedure), but stated 5000ft.  He was quickly corrected.

On the same night, pilots in the Ottawa and Mirabel area, were being told of the training exercises being performed by Air Canada’s new Boeing 787.

I was able to get the below photos of this Pilatus PC-12 because i knew he was going to land on runway 28.  The approach for 28 goes right over my house.

Pilatus PC-12

This Pilatus belongs to Starlink Aviation, based in Montreal.

Pilatus PC-12

I also caught this American Airlines 737-800 turning south to go into the USA.

American Airlines 737-800

American Airlines 737-800

Thanks for looking.

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Nature In The Middle Of The City

Olmsted was a genius.  Instead of having people leave the city to go see nature, his idea was to put beautiful parks in the middle of the city and bring nature closer to all of us (Mount Royal & Central Park, NY).

When you are on top of Mount Royal, you really do feel like you are miles away from the city.  All the wildlife and different types of flowers & trees only help that illusion.




These ducks were in a marsh area just above and at the back of the chalet.  I would imagine they will move on down to Beaver Lake once the water here dries up.


They have pretty good camouflage.



A White Trillium.  Funny enough, this is the provincial flower of Ontario.


Squirrel having it’s lunch.  It was amazing to see the thousands of cracked acorn shells all over the ground.


I am sure that if I spent the day here, i could come away with hundreds of photos of different plants, birds and other wildlife.

Happy shooting!


Montreal As Seen From Mount Royal

I have not been to the top of Mount Royal for quite some time now.  Of all days to go, i had to pick today, a holiday.  Oh brother.

However, my timing was not all that bad.  Since we arrived just before lunch, we were able to find parking all the way up at the last parking lot.

Our car is at the far back, right.


Everyone had taken the spots in the first two parking lots because they are near to Beaver Lake.  When we left, there was not one parking spot to be had in any of the parking lots, until we left.

We headed up to the look-out first.  If you ever come to Montreal, you have to head up to the look-out on Mount Royal.  There is no other spot where you can get such a perspective of the city.  This is what you get to see:



It was nice to be able to see the mountains out there on the horizon.  Tells me that it was a fairly clear day.



One of the other attractions on Mount Royal, is the big steel cross.  It lights up at night and is a “beacon” in the night when flying into Montreal.

XPRO2272                       XPRO2277

Very nice dynamic range from the x-trans sensor with this photo below.


The cross is not the only steel structure on the mountain.  There are also various antennas.


If it were not for these antennas, i would not be watching the Habs game right now.


If you walk the whole road at the top of the mountain, you can find some breaks in the trees and get views like this:

Universite de Montreal


Oratoire St. Joseph


I would say that this is the Norh-East part of Montreal


In my next post, i will show you some of the nature and wild life that you can see.

Happy shooting!

Plane Spotting, May 18th

Here are some of the photos that i left in color.  I must have knocked the command dial on the back of my camera, because i noticed that i shot some of these photos at f/13.  Really not the sweet spot of the 50-230.

One of the problems that you encounter when shooting aircraft on a hot day, is “heat shimmer” or “heat haze”.  It is that “wavy” air you see rising from the ground, distorting part of the photo.  There is no magic filter for this.

It’s always nice to catch something a bit different and i did.  I caught a Bombardier Global 6000 (a business jet) fresh from the factory and in dire need of a nice paint job.


Looks like a sweet ride, if you can afford it.


I wonder who this one is going to?



Here is a Global 6000 all dressed up and ready to go out.




Here are the rest from the day.





Thanks for looking.

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Aircraft In Grey-scale

It’s a real pain to get to my spotting area when i drive.  55th Avenue has turned into a one way street going south – can’t go north beyond Cote de Liesse.  I finally got there by taking a few detours.

There are not a lot of rotations on Sunday, so i did not catch anything to special.

Coming back home, i thought in order to change things up a bit, i would turn my photos into grey-scale.  Doing so, i really found that the photos with a lot of sky in the background, did very well when turned into grey-scale.


I do like the effect, especially with a cloudy sky as a backdrop, which makes for a dramatic scene.



A while back, i took a bunch of grey-scale photos of ground operations at Dorval with my X10.

I am wanting to print them out in 5 x 7 to put them in a multi “window” frame (a frame with many smaller frames in it??) or some 8 x 10 prints.



I did not stay for very long today.  It was quite windy once again and again, the wind was catching my lens hood.



It’s really nice to see that family’s come to the spotting park, just to take a few minutes to watch some planes take off & land.  No matter what, any kid will be mesmerized by a commercial jet taking off only hundreds of feet away from them.



I do somewhat prefer the color versions of these photos.  Though, every once in a while, you have to try something a different.


Thanks for looking.

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Burning Off The Calories

After stopping by the Chinese buffet, it was time to take a walk in order to burn off some calories.

I always like taking photos of this structure.


The dinner boats are out on the river.


This is the first private boat that i have seen out on the river this year


Most southerly part of the harbor.


The Jacques Cartier bridge with La Ronde just in the background.


This guy did not have much to say.


Habitat ’67.


Southern end of the harbor again.


That structure again.


It will only be a matter of weeks before the harbor is full of private boats, private and dinner boats alike.


The sun going down over the city.  Caught a little bit of flare (middle of photo), which is fine.  Kind of adds something to the photo.


This scene caught my eye as we left for home.


Gossip girls.  Got this one at f/2.8 on the 60.


Part of Notre Dame.


Happy shooting!