Saturday Afternoon Walk

Saturday was a beautiful day to get out and take a walk.


I took all the photos in RAF and converted them in-camera.  If you ask me, it is the easiest way to process RAF files.

The only problem is, you are not able to see your changes live.  Though, i did not adjust much anyhow.  Just a bit of sharpening and a color boost.

I tried using a trial version of Lightroom, but it is only compatible with Windows 7 on up.  Well, i am still on a Windows Vista machine, so i am out of luck.


These photos are from both my cameras and i have come to the realization that since i have my X10, i don’t really need a wide angle lens.


At it’s widest, the lens on the X10 is equivalent to a 28mm lens on a 35mm/Full Frame camera.  This works out to the lens being equivalent to an 18.6666666666666mm lens on a cropped sensor (Nikon DX or Fuji APS-C) camera.


In sum, the lens (at it’s widest) on the X10 has a FOV equal to the XF 18mm, which is 76.5 degrees.  No real need to buy the 18mm now.



It was fun to process the RAF files in-camera.  When the X series first came out, some people were saying the the best way to convert RAF files to JPEGs, was to simply use the built in converter in the camera.


Though, i don’t know how it would compare to the software packages that are out today.



Thanks for looking.

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