Here are a few more photos that i found not being used in my blog.  I have 83 more photos to go.   But don’t worry, i will not post them all because some of them are “unattached” because they have been replaced by better samples.

These photos are some pretty wide angle shots of the Old Port of Montreal and the Casino.

Taken at 10mm, ISO 100 and F8
Taken at 10mm, ISO 100 and F8


Out of all the lenses that i have owned, the ultra wide (10-24 from Tamron) was my favorite lens to use.


As you can see from this post and my last one, i am dreaming of summer.

This Montreal weather is killing me.  On Monday, it was 25 degrees Celsius here (Who the heck uses Farenheit??  Not us… ).  This morning, i woke up to -7 degrees Celsius and a light dusting of snow!

I am still on the hunt for an ultra wide lens, but it will not be the Fujinon.

Happy shooting!



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