The Unattached

A few months back, i deleted a whole punch of posts from my blog.  It was sort of a purge .  Most of the posts i deleted, were personal rants and were not needed.

It actually felt good to do it.  I got rid of the “negative” and started fresh.

However, deleting those posts left me with over a hundred unattached photos.  Just today, i was taking a look at all these “lost” photos and i thought, “Hmmmmm, they really should be shown.”

The below photos were taken last July at the annual Canada Day parade.  Some beautiful ladies from around the world 🙂

DSC_1493      DSC_1479

DSC_1481      DSC_1498

DSC_1456      DSC_1463



Here is a group photo of the Filipino contingent.


Happy shooting!


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