Live ATC, Driving Rain & Low Light

** I re-posted the original files for this post.  For some reason, Photoshop Elements was downsizing the JPEGs to just a few hundred KB. Weird.**

We are having some bad weather at the moment, mostly just a lot of rain.  I was able to get back inside with my daughter just in time and then the rain came down as if someone emptied a bucket on top of us.

Anytime we have some bad weather, it seems that flights are diverted to 10-28.  This evening was no different.



As we were eating dinner, i saw the lights creeping over the tree line just outside our window.

The rain may have taken a bit of the clarity out of the photos.  Yes, my camera got a little wet (just a few rain drops.  Seriously, it was far from being soaked), but i just wiped the rain off with a paper napkin.




I kept the lens at it’s maximum focal length (230mm) and it’s maximum aperture of f/6.7.  This enabled me to keep my ISO at reasonable numbers, while keeping my shutter speed acceptable.



These photos were taken between 6:44pm and 7:30pm.  Surprisingly enough, the highest ISO that i had to use, was 2500.  As the sky became darker, i bled off some shutter speed in order to keep the ISO stable.  The shutter speed for most of the photos, was pegged at 1/160.




I never had any issues with the AF in this low light & the 50-230 was quite snappy.

At around 7:30pm, they stopped coming in on 10-28.  I tuned in to the ATC and landings were once again directed to the main runway(s), 24L & 24R.

It’s a shame that it was raining, for it really gave a “noisy” look to the photos.  Though, it was fun to be able to take some photos in order to challenge the 50-230.




It was also nice to be able to get outside a bit, since it was 24 degrees Celsius today.  Don’t worry, it will be cold again tomorrow – we will go down to -13 tonight and will wake up to -4.  Get it together Mother Nature and give us some consistent temperatures please!


Happy shooting


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